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About us (our story)

Because so little is known about what lories actually consume in the wild, lory food has always been a hot topic. The lory community has gone back and forth on which commercial brand is better. However, we have come a long way since lories were first imported some 30-40 years ago.

Our journey began in 2015. We keep multiple pairs and species of lories/lorikeets and we have always strived to feed our birds the best formula on the market. Even so, a handful of people who keep and work with lories noticed inconsistencies in the different formulas (brands). Iron levels were too high, ingredients constantly changed with each new batch, and in some instances, chicks left to be parent fed and reared became stunted or died. We realized that we could no longer risk using formulas that were not consistent, as it affects the health of the birds in the long run.


What did we decide to do? Terry Barber and I (Jordan Daniel), decided to come together, along with the help of the largest lory breeder here in the United States, to start a brand that people could trust. Our formula is based on this breeder’s most recent recipe and is fed to almost 300 lories of various species. We carefully studied ingredients and crafted what we consider to be the best formula commercially available. We fed our formula to our own birds for almost a year before putting it on the market. We noticed a drastic change in their appearance and behavior; the birds were more vibrant in color, more energetic, and appeared to be happier and healthier.


Although we do not know everything about what lories consume in the wild, we believe that feeding them a diet closely resembling what we do know they eat, is very important for their health. If we are to enjoy these birds for years to come, we should not cut corners when it comes to feeding them correctly. Variety in foods is vital to their health and longevity. A healthy, consistent nectar formula, and a variety of safe, low iron fruits and some veggies, will allow us to keep these birds in good health for many years.