​Why LoryNectar.com?

Lories by nature have developed a tongue equipped with brush like fibers called “papillae”. They fly from tree to tree and use their specialized tongues to feed on the sweet nectar from flowers. They also feed on pollen, fruit bearing trees, vegetable matter, and even insects. We have carefully selected ingredients like oat flour, which the birds can easily digest, compared to other brands that use wheat or rice flour. We use pea protein, rather than soy. Pea protein promotes healthy feather growth and color. No dairy or bread products are in our formula. Vitamins and minerals in our diet are high quality, and NOT artificial. Artificial ingredients tend to cause irritation and can cause birds to pluck themselves. We use natural sugars, which create a taste the birds love. Most importantly, we are maintaining low levels of iron. Lories are prone to iron storage disease and cannot properly store iron. Other commercial lory foods have 80 to over 100 ppms in iron content, which can be dangerously high. High iron levels affect the bird’s liver and can be fatal.